Musings of an Over-Achieving Weekend Warrior

Strike a pose on top of Cave Rock at sunset

Strike a pose on top of Cave Rock at sunset

I started with a relatively simple premise: An adventure a day. After 24 hours I realized that this campaign would be impossible for me. How can I limit my adventures to JUST one a day?

I’ve been told that I’m always on the move. As one friend told me, “V, you aggressively carpe diem.” The last couple days may be his case in point.

Thursday I slept three hours due to a million vibrating molecules of excitement at the prospect of being a park ranger in Queensland. Waking up was not quite as exhilarating. I love my job as the Communications Liaison for the CA Tahoe Conservancy, an environmental state agency, but computer screen glare doesn’t fill my vitamin D daily dosage.

I biked home to host a quick happy hour on my patio below the vanilla scented Jeffrey Pine. By 6:30pm my friend Tim and I were heading towards Cave Rock, a previous cultural site for the Washoe Tribe to catch a sunset over Lake Tahoe. At 8:30, after a quick refuel of overly greasy burritos, the California standard, we drove to Fallen Leaf Lake. The moon was so full it seemed to drip into the aspens and light the trail. No headlamps necessary as we joined the coyotes in their eerie howls. Salsa verde finger licks and reflection of snow-covered Mt. Tallac made the minutes pull the moon further overhead.

IMG_2232The next day, after another full day in the office, my coworker and I changed into shorts and sandals and pushed off into the blue silk of Lake Tahoe on a windless afternoon. Every time I paddleboard through its crystalline water I find myself in awe. The sand lines wiggle beneath the liquid line that is so clear you have to remind yourself it exists. A vertigo of phases as the eyes move through liquid into air without a visible transition. I can’t describe the feeling of seeing Tahoe inside out, separated from the cold water by two inches of fiberglass looking out towards 8,000 foot white peaks. Moments like these, available in my very backyard, remind me why I live here.

Then again, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am on the move as I type. This time Matt Robertson and I are rolling down the California coast towards the wooded coastal wonderland of Big Sur. I’ll be surprising my Dad, who is currently camping in San Simeon with my stepmom (the co-surprise coordinator, her official title). We should be pulling in about 1AM since both Matt and I spent all day manning booths at the South Tahoe Earth Day and weren’t able to leave until 6pm.

IMG_2235Even weekend warriors can manage to push the limits on the number of laughs and wows packed into a day. The moments of gratitude for living such an awesome adventurous life are reflections of the joy within.

An Adventure a Day

G’day Friends,

Can you imagine patrolling Australia’s beaches, taking water temperatures and teaching people about the unique flora and fauna poking around every bend? I can, and this dream job as a Park Ranger in Australia is almost within reach. But I need your help!
I applied (click here to see the 30 second video application) for The Best Job in the World, sponsored by Tourism Australia.  From over 600,000 entries submitted across the globe for six jobs, I was chosen as one of only 25 candidates in the running for the role of Park Ranger, based in Queensland.
Born Ready for this Position

Born Ready for this Position

The next challenge tests my ability to create a campaign to explain why I’m the right person for this job. I’ll be postingAn Adventure a Day on facebook, which will feature pictures, movies, and stories from previous adventures (hiking Mt. Whitney, working with sea turtles in Costa Rica, hellish bus rides in South America, etc.) as well as some of the incredible journeys that happen daily here in Tahoe. I’ll be interspersing tidbits of knowledge about Australia, in true outdoor educator form, and will be creating a social media blitzkrieg for the next two weeks.
How can you help a friend land her dream job for free? Simply “like” my facebook page or blog, comment on the posts, and send me any ideas or connections you may have for how to spread the word about this wonderful country. Feel free to forward this email to your friends and family as well! If you have a contact at a newspaper, tv show, magazine or (fill in your awesome idea here) please let me know. I’ll be writing a press release in the next couple days.
Current home in Lake Tahoe

Current home in Lake Tahoe

Thank you in advance for your support and enjoy the upcoming adventures!
Cheers mate,